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Thanks for purchasing Dr. Rawls’s new book, The Cellular Wellness Solution.

Here are some additional bonuses to help you along in your health journey:

  • Getting Started with Herbs Email Series

  • The Cellular Wellness Workbook

  • The Herbal Safety Spectrum Chart

  • Guide to Green Zone Herbs

  • Your Free, Personalized Supplement Recommendation

Getting Started with Herbs E-Series

A seven-part companion email series that teaches you everything you need to know to get started with using herbs simply, safely, and effectively.

The Cellular Wellness Workbook

An interactive resource with a step by step process for implementing the principles found in The Cellular Wellness Solution and charting your own path to wellness.

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The Herbal Safety Spectrum Chart

A comprehensive overview of Dr. Rawls’ Herbal Safety Spectrum concept with categories defined and expanded and updated color-coded ratings for over 200 herbs.

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Guide to Green Zone Herbs

An easy-to-use chart of all Green Zone herbs featured by Dr. Rawls The Cellular Wellness Solution with the main use cases, key cautions, and general dosing guidelines to help you decide which herbs best fit your health goals.

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